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  • At the sill corners

  • At the sash joints

  • Where boards meet the sill

  • At the bottom of the cover boards

  • Under the glazing beads

  • Along the sill

  • Leaking water


    • Installation of security locks

    • Door replacement

    • Installation of door screens

    • Replace door hardware

    • Replace broken / missing sash cords to vertical hung sash

    • Window alteration

    • Timber chewed and scratched

    • Timber split at hinge screws caused by wind or vandal

    • Termite affected windows

    • Update insect screen design

    • Replace torn or weathered insect screens

    • Make timber screen

    • Make aluminum screens

    • Ease tight window sash

    • Re place spiral balance systems

    • Fit security sash fasteners



Below the flaked painted surface lies the remnants of what was, the structure and hardness of wood.

Now all the spongy decaying rot has to be excavated to expose the surface and remove until what remains is sound structural wood.

This adjacent wood is then treated with a natural product that reverses the deterioration process by restoring the integrity of the wood and providing a barrier to protect from fungi, insects and contains fire retardant properties.

If the rot extends into the interior of the member as in the window sills restoration of the wood will require a wood hardener

Depending of the extent of the void the next step may require a cut to the surface so as a treated or durable wood can be milled and firmly adhered to the surface using a marine grade epoxy resin or equally a superior adhesive which is durable high strength and water resistant.  The gouged surface would require a heavy duty compound putty to be built up as necessary. It may require a combination of epoxy resin, wood and compound putty. This process requires the products used reach their maximum strength before the final step.

The final step is the finishing of the area this may require further filling and sanding so that the edges are sharp and the joints are flush so once covered with a primer or colour match the restoration is now complete.


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Posted on November 24, 2017 .